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Yellowstone Collection

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My Girlfriend Loves it!

“My girlfriend says she loves the Cedar and Amber Soap so much she stands outside the shower just to smell it.”

Jim R.

Mind Blown

“The body butter has been my “go to” lotion for weeks because it works miracles on my dry Michigan winter skin. It is crazy deep moisturizing and doesn’t irritate or break out my freakishly sensitive skin. Just tried the whipped body butter and my mind is blown!!!”

Rebecca D.

Spa Day!

I just had a spa day with your products! The pink bath bomb lasted sooooo long! Smelled so nice. And the peony salt scrub and body butter smell amazing!

Jackie V.

Mi Alchemy

Carlisle Lavender
3418 Carlisle Hwy
Charlotte, Mi 48813


Carlisle Lavender